January 14, 2013

Welcome to Konteh Kunda

Welcome to the Konteh Kunda School of Music in Brikama, Gambia.

Konteh Kunda is the family compound of the famous Konteh¬†griot family in the Sanchaba region of Brikama, Gambia’s musical and cultural heart. Griots are hereditary musicians/historians/storytellers/mediators/entertainers/praise singers whose craft is passed down generation to generation, father to son, and mother to daughter. In Mandinka culture, the griot holds a very important part in society as they are the link between the past, present and future.

Konteh Kunda School of Music has 3 main goals:

1) to preserve griot culture and oral tradition in Gambia by providing a space and financial assistance for passing on the rich Mandinka culture and music to the next generation of Gambians,

2) to help the prolific musical talent in Gambia in finding a world stage and to bring their music to the masses, and

3) to provide a school for foreign students who want to learn the kora, balafon, jembe, african dance, and any other aspects of Gambian culture.

Last year Steve Pile and Jali Bakary Konteh, the school’s founders, raised $11,500 to begin the school’s construction through Indiegogo.com, an online crowd funding site. The foundation and walls were erected in March and April of 2012. This year we are trying to “Raise the Roof” before the rainy season kicks in, in early May. The estimated cost of this phase will be $10,000.

You can donate anytime through our Paypal donation link. We are currently looking to partner with a non-profit organization in our field to maximize our impact and to help our generous funders with a little tax write off. In the meantime we can offer you our thanks, or as they say in Mandinka, A Baraka!

We are all connected, and by helping to support the Konteh Kunda School of Music you’re helping preserve not only Mandinka culture, but the collective musical heritage of the world.



Meanwhile visit and LIKE us at facebook.com/kontehkunda.

A Baraka!

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